A Pick Me Up For The Penguins – July 2018

This month marks a huge step for ensuring that penguins will have enough of one of their favourite snacks, krill, to eat, as the fishing industry agreed to stop taking krill from the areas in the Antarctic peninsula around the penguin colonies.
Krill are tiny marine crustaceans, a bit like shrimp. They form the base of the food chain meaning lots of animals ultimately rely on them for food. These animals include different fish, seals, whales, and penguin species. When there is less krill, this has a knock on consequence on these species.
One species that has been particularly badly affected is the Adelie penguin, which has had poor breeding success in recent years. Other species that are affected are the gentoo and chinstrap penguins.

    The new agreement has been made by companies from different countries across the World, and accounts for 85% of the Antarctic krill fishing industry. It is hoped that this is the first step towards protecting these waters and therefore the penguin colonies, with plans in place to encourage the creation of marine protected areas to better protect all of the wildlife in the region.
Find out more about penguins and how you can help, on the WWF website.