See and Share

CharlieHi! I’m Charlie. I love to run around outdoors, so I want to know what you see while you’re outside! Take part in my challenges and ask a grown up to send your entries to:

Then check “The Window” which is where we can all see the cool things you send in.

Older family members can have a go too, and can share their challenge attempts with WOW on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Have fun!

May Camera Challenge:

May is the perfect month to spot some beautiful Bluebells. These delicate flowers like to grow in wooded areas, but you can often see them along the borders of parks or cycle paths. Keep your eye out and take a photo next time you see some. Don't forget you can share your Bluebell photos by asking a grown-up to email them to


May Writing Challenge:

Have you ever played wildlife bingo? It's really simple - make a grid on some paper, and write the name of a natural item, animal or plant in each box. Do a different grid for each player. Then go outside and see who will be the first to see all the items on their bingo card! Give it a try and see who, out of your family and friends, will be wild bingo champion. 


May Creative Challenge:

Each year, Hedgehog Awareness Week takes place at the start of May. Our favourite spiky mammal is in severe decline, and is listed as Vulnerable on the Red List for Britain's Mammals. To keep up awareness, your creative challenge this month is to make a poster about these amazing animals, and to display it where your friends or family can see. Why not see if other people would like to make one? The more people care about hedgehogs, the more they will want to help. 

Hedgehog ©Catherine Leatherland