See and Share

CharlieHi! I’m Charlie. I love being outside and learning about new things. Each month I will set three challenges, to help you get outside and have fun too! You don't need lots of fancy things, or to be an expert, to complete these challenges - the main thing is to just have a go.

When you're happy with your challenge attempt, you could share it with WOW by asking a grown up to share it on social media. They just need to tag @WildlifeOWindow on Twitter or Facebook. You can then check The Window page, to see if your work has appeared!

Older family members can join in too of course! Over 18's can follow WOW on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Have fun!

February Camera Challenge:

This month, your photo challenge is to take a snap of some Snowdrops! These dainty white flowers are often the first wildflowers of the year, and they are a beautiful sight in parks, woodlands and gardens. Have a walk and see if you can spot some!

Snowdrops 2023 ©Catherine Leatherland

February Writing Challenge:

Have you ever played paper games, like noughts and crosses, battleships, and squares? Your challenge this month is to play one of these games, using nature instead of pen and paper. You could try using sticks and mud or water as your pens, and find a nice plain surface like a path or patio to replace the paper. You might be able to scratch marks into some muddy soil too. Give it a go, and make your paper games a bit more wild! 



February Creative Challenge:

Have you ever seen a shape or pattern in nature, that you think would be cool inside? Maybe it would look nice on some curtains, or great on a cushion cover. Your creative challenge this month is to design something for your home, using one or more patterns from nature. Some swirling snail shells on a mug? How about green crocodile scale shapes on some slippers? Ask a grown up to share your designs with WOW - we'd love to see them!