See and Share

CharlieHi! I’m Charlie. I love to run around outdoors, so I want to know what you see while you’re outside! Take part in my challenges and ask a grown up to send your entries to:

Then check “The Window” which is where we can all see the cool things you send in.

Older family members can have a go too, and can share their challenge attempts with WOW on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Have fun!

October Camera Challenge:

One of the most prominent colours during autumn is orange. Your camera challenge this month is to see if you can take a photo of something orange - maybe some autumn leaves, a bird with orange legs, or a pumpkin sitting spookily outside. Share your photos for a chance to see them on The Window page!

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

October Writing Challenge:

October 31st is Halloween. To get into the spirit, this month's writing challenge is to write a spooky wildlife story. You could use a wild place to set your story, or have some scary animal characters. WOW would love to see what you write - ask an adult to send your stories to and we'll add your spooky story to the Window page. 


October Creative Challenge:

There's one activity you just have to try in October - pumpkin carving! Your challenge this month is to see if you can add a wild twist to your design. Maybe carve the shape of an animal, or use words to show a conservation message. If you're not sure how to carve a pumpkin, here are some really helpful instructions by the BBC. This activity will involve using knives - so make sure you have a grown up to help.


Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay