See and Share

CharlieHi! I’m Charlie. I love being outside and learning about new things. Each month I will set three challenges, to help you get outside and have fun too! You don't need lots of fancy things, or to be an expert, to complete these challenges - the main thing is to just have a go.

When you're happy with your challenge attempt, you could share it with WOW by asking a grown up to share it on social media. They just need to tag @WildlifeOWindow on Twitter or Facebook. You can then check The Window page, to see if your work has appeared!

Older family members can join in too of course! Over 18's can follow WOW on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Have fun!

July Camera Challenge:

Summer is the best time of year to spot insects, like bees. Your challenge this month is to take a photo of a bee - maybe once you find one, you could see how many other different types you can photograph? Ask a grown-up to share your bee-autiful photos with WOW on social media, we'd love to see them! 

Bee ©Catherine Leatherland

July Writing Challenge:

In order to make the big changes we need in the World, all of us need to make small changes in our lives. This month, see if you can write down a pledge  - a change you are going to commit to make - to help wildlife. Maybe you could cut back on eating meat (to help combat climate change) or you could try to buy fewer single use plastics. Give it a go, and don't feel too bad if you break your pledge - just keep trying! 



July Creative Challenge:

A fun activity to try, which will leave you with some great models of wildlife to use, is to make things out of salt dough. It's really simple to make - you just need a few items from the shop, and an oven. Then you can make anything you want to and paint it, to bring your characters to life. Follow this helpful guide by the Scottish Wildlife Trust to get started  - have fun!