See and Share

CharlieHi! I’m Charlie. I love to run around outdoors, so I want to know what you see while you’re outside! Take part in my challenges and ask a grown up to send your entries to:

Then check “The Window” which is where we can all see the cool things you send in.

Older family members can have a go too, and can share their challenge attempts with WOW on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Have fun!

July Camera Challenge:

July is a good month for looking out for insects, as the weather is warmer. Your challenge is to take a photo of one (or more) of our six legged friends. Ask an adult to send your photos to for a chance to see them on the Window page of the site. 

Stag beetle © Catherine Leatherland


July Writing Challenge:

Do you like to make things rhyme? It can be quite fun, especially if you're trying to write a poem or a song. Your challenge this month is to think of an animal or plant, and then list as many words as you can that rhyme with its name. For example, if I pick Rook, I might list the words: book, stuck, look, truck etc. You could turn this into a game and compete to see who can get the most words, and once you have your list you could try and write your own rhyming nature poem. 


July Creative Challenge:

The best time to see seabirds in the UK is during their breeding season, May-July. To celebrate this, your creative challenge this month is to paint a puffin! See if you can make it really realistic, with the correct body shape and colours. Once you're finished, share it with us by asking a grown-up to send it to, and you could see it on the Window page of the site. 


Puffins © Catherine Leatherland