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WOW is taking a short break from the weekly crossword - the next puzzle will be published in December 2021


Bring a bit of summer inside, by making your own buzzy bee! Click on the picture for a step by step guide.



Looking for a craft that's simple, festive and fun? Grab a cereal box and turn it into a Christmas wreath. Click on the picture below for simple step by step instructions. Have fun! 

Find out how to turn an empty toilet roll tube into an owl - just click on the picture to get started!

Want to play a wildlife game but stuck inside? Grab a piece of paper and some crayons, and make an animal chatterbox! Click on the picture for a step by step guide:




Try out these endangered species colouring in sheets from Crayola. You can do them online, or print them. Crayola Colouring in

The first of the new WOW colouring sheets is here, give it a go!

WOW colouring sheet: Badger

WOW colouring sheet: Brown Bear

WOW colouring sheet: Emperor penguins


(Click on the picture to jumble it up)
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Got a cardboard box lying around? You can follow this simple sheet to make your own Lion! Just click on the picture below.

Lion made from a box

Has someone in the family finished the tube of crisps? Follow the instructions below to transform it into an ocean wave shaker!

Do you have some wax crayons, and some paper? Then have a go at this clever way to make some colourful crayon critters!