AEC“Amateur Entomologists’ Society”. For everyone who likes insects! You can find fact sheets and information on entomology on their website. They run events all across the country. You can be a member, and they even have a “bug club” where you can learn loads about your favourite mini beasts and have lots of fun at the same time!
ARC“Amphibian and Reptile Conservation”. This used to be called “The Herpetological Conservation Trust”. For all lovers of frogs, toads, newts, lizards and snakes. It’s a charity dedicated to conserving these species and their habitats. They manage more than 80 reserves, advise on policy, campaign and are involved in educating the public. Their website has loads of information on what to find in your garden and how you can encourage it. You can sign up for a newsletter and become a “friend”, donate and fundraise.
BBC NatureThe BBC makes a lot of fantastic nature programmes, both for BBC and CBBC, and they’ve also got a great website full of the latest news and video footage. You can share your photos, and find out about events in your area.
BuglifeBuglife is an organisation that is involved with the conservation of invertebrates. They do this through education, campaigning, and conservation projects. Buglife is a charity and you can become a member.
Conservation InternationalConservation International is a U.S based international not for profit organisation (charity). They are involved in all key aspects of conservation work, including campaigning, advising policy and carrying out field work. Their website has details of campaigns you can join in with, lots of information about the kinds of work they do, and great ideas about what you can do at home to make a difference. They also have great gift ideas in their shop, and you can make a donation directly on the site.
GWCT“The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust”. This organisation carries out research to improve the way our countryside is farmed and used to maximise the benefits both for farmers and landowners, and wildlife. They have lots of information on their website about policies and conservation issues, as well as the projects they’re involved in. There’s an array of ways to get involved, including being a member, donating, buying gifts, fundraising and campaigning.
The Mammal SocietyThis organisation studies British mammal populations and takes actions to ensure their conservation. Older members can volunteer to survey for mammals and submit their findings. They have a great website for information about British mammals and current conservation issues in the UK. You can join and be a member.
Marine Conservation SocietyFor all things marine! This is a UK charity dedicated to the conservation of coastal and marine environments and species. You can be a member, donate or campaign! The website has great information about current conservation issues and how they are being tackled. There’s a great “community page” where you can share your photos and find out about events you can join in with to help the conservation effort.
Natural EnglandAdvises the government and the public about the environment. If you want to know all about conservation issues and laws in this country, check out their webpage. They designate national parks, manage nature reserves and “notify” sites of special scientific interest (SSI’S).
PlantlifePlantlife is a UK charity and their patron is HRH the Prince of Wales! (Prince Charles). They work on a number of campaigns to help protect our wild plants, and to make people more aware of their beauty and value. They have events up and down the country and the website can help you find out what’s going on near you. You can be a member, fundraise, campaign, buy gifts and donate!
RSPBThe Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is one of the longest established and largest wildlife charities. There are RSPB reserves up and down the country where you can get close to wildlife and join in with events. Great for bird lovers and everyone else too! Their website has lots of information about wildlife and the work the RSPB does. You can be a member, they even have a special youth membership.
WDCWhale and Dolphin Conservation is the leading charity for the protection of whales and dolphins. They work to inspire and educate people about these wonderful animals and to campaign against issues such as captivity and pollution. They are a charity and you can donate, become a member, and adopt a whale or dolphin.
The Wildlife TrustsThe Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts is a charity of which all the other Wildlife Trusts (each an independent charity) are members. They have fantastic nature reserves that you can visit which often have events to join in with. They have a brilliant “kids” section on their website, where you can post photos and play lots of fun games. You can even take part in activities to earn awards, it’s a great way to explore wildlife. It’s a charity, and you can be a member.
WWF“World Wide Fund For Nature”. A large international organisation involved in many aspects of conservation from campaigning to working with governments and getting involved in education. Their “adopt an animal” schemes make great gifts and their website contains information about the latest campaigns. You can be a member.
WWT“The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust”-for all those who like feeding the ducks, come and explore the full breadth of what else wetlands have to offer. There are wetland centres across the country, with fun facilities and events to join in with. Their website contains all the latest news and conservation issues. This is a conservation charity and you can be a member.